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We are always interested to get to know you! When you would like to work for a company who's making an impact on sustainability, please send your CV.

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Job description

Are you an LCA specialist, a Sales Development Representative or a PHP- or Golang Developer and you would like to work for Ecochain, please apply via the button below. We will then contact you when we have a relevant vacancy for you.



Empowering companies to make an ongoing sustainable impact on our planet!


We provide companies all over the globe with the most accessible and actionable Environmental Footprint Suite they need - which is actively used to make an ongoing meaningful impact .”


We Care = We Share - We Empower

Job requirements

Our Core Values are We Care - We Share - We Empower

We Care
We deeply care about our planet. We are a tight community with a green heart. This means we truly care about each other, and our customers. We always treat everyone with respect, honesty and cherish integrity and quality. We help when- and wherever we can.


  • reduce our own footprint annually, by having refurbished/secondhand furniture at our office,commuting mostly by public transport/swap bikes and by purchasing green energy for our office.

  • build an inclusive work environment where each person is seen and acknowledged for their individual skills

  • care about how our customers use our tools by offering high quality service.

Behavior/Proof points:

For health:

  • Work/life balance: at Ecochain we work hybrid or remote to stimulate a good work-life balance.

  • We offer a ‘work from home’ contribution.

  • Food: we offer fruit and snacks in the office.

  • Sports contribution: everyone receives € 30,- sports contribution.

  • Lunch/walk: we have lunch together and on a regular basis we have a walk outside in the afternoon.

Our footprint:

  • Transport: we stimulate colleagues to come by public transport or by bike, offering a Swap-bike and paying 100% of the commute costs by public transport.

  • Second-hand furniture.

Our well-being & future

  • Pension program: we offer a collective pension program.

  • Well-being/safety: we have several BHV-ers in case of an emergency and a confidant, who is ready to help you with any problems/issues.

We Share
We always share our knowledge/expertise openly with our colleagues, (potential) customers, and partners to increase our collective impact - together. This means we are always supportive of each other and stimulate collaboration, transparency, and teamwork.


  • are always open to provide colleagues with the right knowledge to pursue our mission-both in person and through company gatherings (ask away!!).

  • openly provide a wide variety of practical content on measuring sustainability through our communication channels.

  • always stimulate our customers wherever we can- to share their sustainability journey transparently and collaborate with their value chain/partners.

Behavior/Proof points:

Internal Communication:

  • Business update (monthly): every first Friday of the month, we share updates of every department.

  • Informal meeting (monthly): we have an in-person afternoon meeting with all colleagues on the third Thursday of the Month to inform each other and ask questions. Afterwards we have drinks & bites.

  • Internal newsletter (quarterly): we receive the internal Ecochain newsletter per mail.

  • Quarterly meeting: we organize a quarterly meeting for all colleagues with a special topic/theme, and we end this meeting with drinks & dinner.

  • Monthly update on results by the CEO to all employees.

External Communication

  • Case studies/knowledge blogs: every week we post an interesting interview or article on our channels.

Our office space

  • Tidying our office: we tidy up the office and fix broken furniture together on a regular basis, afterwards we eat pizza.

We Empower

From a position of trust, we give our colleagues and customers the freedom and responsibility to develop their skills, act on their own initiative and challenge ideas. We encourage innovation, and reward commitment.


  • all embrace an open culture in which we promote development in each other’s strengths & talents.

  • offer a safe working environment where we encourage people to take responsibility and give each other positive feedback.

  • we strive to a way of working where we upfront agree what we would like to achieve and why and we finish what we are doing.

  • continuously innovate our tools and services to make sustainability accessible for companies.

  • always challenge our customers to use their insights to take concrete action

Behavior/Proof points:


  • Onboarding program: for all new colleagues, we prepare a solid and fun onboarding program.

  • Performance cycle: each employee participates in the performance cycle and has regular meetings with their manager to discuss performance and development. Next to that we measure what you do. It is equally important how you do it (Living our values).

  • Career plan for all employees

  • Tuition program and company trainings.


  • Communication: we all work in an open space area; this stimulates communications
    and brings energy.

  • Influence: everyone gets involved in important decisions like an office move

  • Referral Program: every colleague is a recruiter.

Way we work:

  • You may make mistakes (tell them and learn from them).

  • We all work with Monday as a project tool.

  • We only write positive emails - when we give constructive feedback, we do this face-to-face, online or by phone.

  • We are careful with other people’s time.

  • We come prepared to meetings.

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